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You can choose between single- and double-walled HDPE or PP tanks/shells/skins, depending on your needs and objectives. These types of installation guarantee you savings at the time of purchase, as well as long-term savings thanks to their durability. Stockage & Systèmes offers you customized equipment.

We provide you with complete tools for the production and turnkey installation of your HDPE polyethylene and PP Polypropylene tanks. Find out why you should choose HDPE or PP tanks, whatever your business and whatever type of liquid you plan to store.

Cuve PEHD simple et double paroi verticales

Vertical HDPE and PP tanks

Single and double-walled HDPE tank / casing / skin: what are the differences?

Whether you choose a single- or double-wall / jacket / skin HDPE or PP tank, you benefit from its affordability, quality and durability. Find out how to choose the right system for you.

1. Single wall tank / jacket / skin

The single-wall HDPE polyethylene or PP Polypropylene tank meets all your needs: affordable, solid and durable, it can store all types of liquids. It does not degrade in contact with corrosive substances and meets current environmental standards. What’s more, this material is totally recyclable, avoiding all forms of environmental pollution.

However, you will need to invest in a drip tray if you intend to use the tank to store a polluting substance such as chemicals or fuel oil. So, in the event of a leak, you avoid polluting the environment and guarantee the safety of your operators.

2. Double-walled HDPE tank / envelope / skin

If you need a safer installation for storing corrosive or polluting chemicals such as chemical fertilizers, fuels, nitric acid, ferric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc., opt for a double-walled HDPE or PP tank / jacket / skin. This installation offers you the same advantages as a single-wall tank, but with the added safety of a second skin that protects against leaks and retains any liquids that might escape from the first skin in the event of an accident. There are even leak detectors that warn of the presence of liquid in the second envelope.

Economical, easy to set up and secure storage

Various models of HDPE and PP single- and double-wall / jacket / skin tanks are available. As needs and budgets vary from one user to another, manufacturers offer different dimensions, thicknesses, materials, shapes and systems. The double-walled tank is ideal for liquids such as acids, bases, chemical effluents, washing effluents, fuels, fertilizers, food liquids, etc. Unlike metal installations, this equipment is highly resistant to the effects of chemicals.


1. Single and double wall/jacket/skin HDPE tank with accommodating accessories

Whether you opt for a single- or double-walled HDPE or PP tank / jacket / skin, it can be supplied with accessories tailored to your needs:

– Access manhole ;
– Level gauge ;
– Leak detector or indicator ;
– Functional stitching ;
– Analog level measurement systems ;
– Ladders and access platforms above the tank ;
– Vent to evacuate gases and prevent tank walls from buckling when emptied or filled;

Manufacturers are constantly innovating to meet the needs of their customers. customers and facilitate the use of these facilities. With HDPE polyethylene and PP Polypropylene, it is much easier to create, design and manufacture single and double tank models wall/shell/skin adapted to user needs potential.

2. Résistants et durables

The single- and double-walled HDPE and PP tank / jacket / skin is made of rot-proof material, insensitive to the substances it contains.

Whatever type of HDPE or PP single- or double-wall tank / jacket / skin you wish to order, Stockage & Systèmes can meet your needs after a preliminary on-site survey to define precisely what you need.

Expert advice and tailor-made services with your specialist in plastic boilermaking

Stockage & Systèmes offers complete services for the creation, design, manufacture and turnkey installation of single- and double-walled HDPE and PP tanks / shells / skins. A team of specialized engineers takes charge of your project. Your ideas and recommendations are carefully recorded to ensure that the models presented are perfectly tailored to your needs.

We put all our skills and experience at your service to provide you with top-quality installations that will make your day-to-day work easier. We’ll help you define the ideal material, format and dimensions to guarantee the strength and durability of your single- or double-walled HDPE or PP tank/shell/skin.

When you work with a specialist in custom-made plastic boilerwork, you can be sure that your new installations will meet your needs perfectly. Whatever your field of activity, request a quote. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, following a site visit.

Cuve PEHD simple et double paroi / enveloppe / peau

Stockage & Systèmes is the ideal partner to create or improve the quality of your equipment at a lower cost. We can design and produce any size of single- and double-wall HDPE and PP tank / jacket / skin to suit your needs. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the reliability of the parts supplied. Our teams base their work on the specifications drawn up during the preparation phase, to ensure that the project meets the requirements of each customer. Thanks to tests at the end of the production cycle, we can guarantee the quality of the single- and double-wall / shell / skin HDPE and PP tanks that leave our workshops.

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